D2 Petronas

1. Commodity: Petronas Euro 2M MOPS
Quantity: Min 10,000MT Max 50,000MT per shipment
Terms of Delivery: FOB Malaysia Port
Price: MOPS -20USD/metric ton
Terms of Payment: Bank Draft to Petronas Dagangan, SBLC

2. Commodity: Origin Malaysia Euro 2M Blended Petronas Spec
Quantity: Min 10,000MT Max 100,000MT per month
Terms of Delivery: FOB Malaysia Port
Price: Est. USD837/metric ton
Terms of Payment: 3 payment method (upon enquiry)

3. Commodity: Origin Russia Euro 2M Blended Petronas Spec
Quantity: Min 40,000MT
Terms of Delivery: CIF AWSP
Price: USD845/metric ton
Terms of Payment: 2 method of payment (upon enquiry)

4. Commodity: Egyptian Mazut M100 Heavy Fuel Oil GOST-105-85/75
Quantity: 100,000MT per shipment x 13 shipments
Terms of Delivery: CIF China PortPrice: Gross USD500 Nett USD510 /metric ton
Terms of Payment: SWIFT MT799 (lock fund for 1 shipment) for issuing SBLC revolving 13 months

5. Commodity: Russian D2 Gas Oil L-0.2-62 GOST 305.82
Quantity: 100,000 MT 1 time shipment
Terms of Delivery: IPL Singapore
Price: Gross USD790 Nett USD800 /metric ton
Terms of Payment: SWIFT MT799 (lock fund for 1 shipment) 100% payment at sight by MT799 after Q&Q

NOTE: KINDLY ASK US FOR THE TERMS AND PROCEDURES FOR THE REQUIRED PRODUCTS BEFORE ISSUING ANY LOI. IT IS GOOD FOR BOTH PARTY TO AGREE in common  T&C BEFORE WE PROCEED TO THE NEXT STEP- only serious buyer . NCNDA will be required to be signed by all parties- prefer dealing with mandate/principal buyer- spot deals offer only available on short time with short notice , email enquiries to spz.resources@gmail.com



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