sblc procedure


1. Receiver submits Letter Of Intent
2. After dd,Provider will countersign the LOI and return it to Receiver including details of the SBLC Issuing bank, and Provider’s Passport copy.
3. Both parties open a joint account in HK,Receiver place 50K in the joint account,banking fees charges bear by receiver,after confirmation of 50k is in place,Provider within Two (2) banking days after this agreement being lodged with the banks,The Provider’s bank shall send SWIFT MT799 pre advice, Receiver upon receive MT799, released joint account fund in HK to pay for MT760 swift fees.
4. For Provider’s to proceed for MT 760,Receiver release MT760 swift fees and place 2% face value in the joint account, after confirmation of 2% is place in the joint account, Provider will SWIFT MT760 delivery of the SBLC to the designated receiving bank account coordinates of the BORROWER/RECEIVER.
5.After verified 2% face value is into joint account,Provider to swift MT760 to receiver,s bank account. MT760 (see verbiage exhibit A).
6. After received MT760 and authenticated, Receiver release the 2% of joint account to PROVIDER ACCOUNT and Balance of payment (9%+3%) payment within 5 days, with SELLER/ LESSOR corporate invoice for full payment. Lessee will also pay the of intermediaries fees.



SBLC Procedure

Receiver sends a signed DOA Application to Provider, and also a Six Months Bank Account Statement showing that their company is in good business standing and have a balance of above 1% (1,000,000 to 5,000,000) of the SBLC value (100,000,000 to 500,000,000) of the SBLC They applied for.

Provider and Receiver sign the Deed of Agreement, which thereby automatically becomes a full recourse contract after the Provider has accepted Receiver’s application.

Within Two banking days after both parties sign the Deed of Agreement and Bank Account Statement is sent; Provider Bank will send MT799 Pre-Advice to Receivers Bank.

Provider sends copy of the MT-799 Pre-Advice to the Receiver banking within one banking day, and also sends the Invoice for the 1% and a Refund undertaking confirming that the 1% will be refunded along with a 1% non-performance penalty if the MT760 is not issued within three banking days.  

Within Two Banking days of the Receiver confirms receipt and verifies the MT799, The Receiver Pays 1% (1,000,000 to 5,000,000) out of x% Buy fee (or x% Lease Fee - in case of lease) to the sender’s Nominated bank account and sends the swift payment copy to the Provider.

Within Two Banking days of Provider receiving the 1% charge, Provider Bank shall send the SBLC by MT760.The Receiver’s bank receives, confirms and verifies the MT760 (SBLC);
The Receiver then pays within Five Banking days to Provider the balance x% (or x%- in case of Lease) to Senders nominated account. Receiver and also pay the 2% agent commission fees to agent / .(Should Receiver default to pay the fees to the Sender and the Intermediaries fees as agreed on this DOA within allowed number of days after receipt of Swift MT-760, Provider shall instruct the issuing bank to put a claim on the SBLC thereby forcing the Receiver's bankers to return the swift MT760 (SBLC) to the issuing Bank.)

Within Seven banking days after receiving all fees; Hard copy will be sent to Receiver bank by bank-bonded courier.This Deed of Agreement is a full recourse commitment governed by the Law of the jurisdiction that both parties reside and standards under ICC Regulation.


Investment Program for Small Investors

This is an opportunity for Small Investors who wish to enter the Private Placement Programs by pooling resources with other Savvy Investors and entering into a program as part of a group thereby allowing those to enter into the system. This is a program for Investors who would otherwise not have the full sum (usually 100 Mil) or, not be prepared to invest a large sum like that for investment to grow their total worth.
Client must supply the following documents: CIS + LOI form provided – Color copy Passport and Bank Statement must be embedded in CIS Form (at the end). Pages must be signed in wet blue ink – No digital signatures accepted. Forms are to be sent in PDF format as one document per agreement only and not in separate pages + Bank Statement showing existence of minimum of US$ 100,000- (or equivalent in other currency).Investor can take multiple modules in the Program. No Project required.
 Upon acceptance of the submitted documents, initial documents will be sent to Investor for completion to engage the In-Take Managers services to enter into the Program with the Platform.
Upon Receipt and acceptance of completed and signed Application, the Investment Funds are to be sent to a reputable Trust Account in a Top Bank for implementation of the Program.
 Upon receipt of the Investment Funds, the Collateralization for Program will commence and grouping of investment funds. This procedure is usually completed within 45 banking days. Trade usually starts within 7 Banking days afterward depending on availability of Trade Platforms.
 70% of the Investment Funds are held in a Reputable Trust Account for safe keeping.
 Investment funds will remain in Trust Account for the duration of the Trade.
 Investment funds are refundable anytime within 14 Banking Days of Official Letter of Request of Cancellation of the Investment Funds. However, should the Investment Funds be withdrawn prior to the end of the Program, a Cancellation Fee of 10% will be deducted from the Amount due.
 Set up costs and Holding Fees are deducted from the Investment funds upon receipt 30%.
 Minimum Investment Funds are US$ 100,000.- (per module)- payable upon acceptance of countersigned Program Agreement. The In-take (Manager) reserves a position within a Group of Traders. The Trade will use a mix of Programs generating between 25% and 50% per Month depending on market fluctuations and calculated on Trading collateral worth Euro 100M. Trade Profits will be shared: 30% Platform / 70% Investor. Commissions of 10% are deducted from the Investors Gross Profits allowing on average a Net Trade Profit for the Investor of 60% per Month. Trade Profits will be paid monthly to the Investors nominated account following commencement of Trade. Profits received by the Investor are Non-Recourse.
IMPORTANT NOTICE - This is an unofficial response to your request for information and/or a private, proprietary and confidential and is for information only.