My Investors wish to invest in any viable projects that your company requires funding on an investor capacity,On review of your company's Business Plan we shall determine on the projects possible funding. This will be a private and confidential Investments, No Upfront Fee. send your business plan and executive summary . email spz.resources@gmail.com
Apply for a loan US$500,000.00 (Min) TO US$2.5 Billion (Max(), need only upfront capital US$6,000.00 that simple) Loan amount to release in 3 tranche:

1st tranche: US$500,000.00, pay upfront insurance bond 1%=US$5,000.00 PLUS (+) Registration fee US$1,000.00=US$6,000.00.

2nd tranche: US$30,000,000.00 (US$30M), pay upfront insurance bond 0.5%=US$150,000.00.

3rd tranche: US$300,000,000.00 (US$300M), pay upfront insurance bond 0.5%=US$150,000.00, OR Loan Amount US$2,500,000,000.00 (US$2.5 Billion), pay upfront insurance bond 0.3%=US$7,500,000.00.

* Fast approval/release.
* Pay insurance bond as security.
* No penalty on early balloon prepayment.
* "Proof of identity" required (scanned copy int'l passport/driver's license).
* Minimal upfront insurance bond payment (mandatory).
* No credit checking.
* Interest rate: fixed 3% p.a.
* Grace period: 13 months.
* Submit email requesting for loan amount; repayment plan to furnish; loan contract "agreement" to sign.
* commission: 2% payable upon each tranche release.

email . spz.resources@gmail.com

project funding

Are you looking for funds for your projects?
We are reliable to provide funds for your projects at 3% interest rate.
We can also connect and marry you to investors with very huge financial capacity to fund your high capital intensive projects...
Contact us if you are interested, Email: spz.resources@gmail.com