However, for D2 either for SPOT + Contract is available.
Price is USD 785 CIF ASWP 100,000MT. Contract will be commenced next year. FOB (Vladivostok) is available too. Commission for Buyer mandate is USD 2.50. Allocation for D2 is finishing too.

The Procedure:

1. Buyer send icpo + BCL
2. seller send draft spot contract
3. Buyer sign and seal, reverts to seller
4. Seller sends CI (indicating tank number and shore terminal)
5. Buyer signs, seal and revert to seller
6. Seller send full pop excluding q88, dta + act of transfer via bank to bank to buyer
7. Buyer issue instrument SBLC or DLC for full amount
8. Buyer conducts dip test at buyer discharge port
9. Buyer.makes Mt 103 after acceptance of specifications

Needing D2 , MAZUT M100 the Buyer buys Gas Oil D2 (GOST 305-82) on FOB port Novorossiysk and Primorsk
- (The price is offered at USD. – A minus a discount for the Buyer, at a rate of $15.00 Net, $25.00 Gross USD for 1MT from platts European Marketscan on FOB terms of delivery Novorossiysk and Primorsk for the total 7,000,000 Metric Tons.)
- Buyer takes possession of product and moves it in reasonable time.
- Seller issues Commercial Invoice + Partial POP (SGS Report, Refinery Supply Guarantee Letter and Dip Test Authorization at the refinery) and within 6 hours after the buyers dip test at the refinery, buyer issues MT-103 as the payment for the first lift 50,000 MT and within 3 banking days an Irrevocable, Non-Transferable and Revolving Conditional SBLC to cover the amount for the monthly lift of 500,000 MT with the validity for fourteen(14) months to be extended until the contract is completed. 
- The Payment for EACH subsequent monthly lift will be by Commercial Invoice +(MT-103).
The Seller will send to the Buyer's secure email , the Full POP, upon Receipt of Buyers Irrevocable, Non-Transferable and Revolving Conditional SBLC.