1.        Receiver sends to Provider a Letter from his Receiving Bank confirming that the Receiver has met requirement for the Bank to issue CONDITIONAL PAYMENT UNDERTAKING via SWIFT MT799 on behalf of Receiver

2.      Provider and Receiver sign the Deed of Agreement, which thereby automatically becomes a full recourse commercial contract after the Provider has accepted Receiver’s application.

3.       Receiver issues CONDITIONAL PAYMENT UNDERTAKING via SWIFT MT799 for 6% of Full Face Value + 2% commission.

4.      Within 3 banking days after CONDITIONAL PAYMENT UNDERTAKING/ SWIFT MT799 is confirmed by Providers Bank;   Provider’s Bank will send SWIFT MT799 Pre-Advice to Receivers Bank and the BG/SBLC by SWIFT MT-760.

5.       The Receiver’s bank receives, confirms and verifies the SWIFT MT760 (BG/SBLC); The Receiver's Bank then releases the CONDITIONAL PAYMENT UNDERTAKING for the benefit of the Provider within two banking days.  Provider then pays the respective 1% commission on Provider’s side and the 1% commission of Receiver’s side to the respective brokers/agents.

(Should Receiver default to release the CONDITIONAL PAYMENT UNDERTAKING within two banking days after receipt of Swift MT-760,  Provider shall instruct the issuing bank to put a claim on the BG/SBLC thereby forcing the Receiver's bankers to return the swift MT-760 (BG/SBLC) to the issuing Bank.)

6.      Within Seven (7) banking days after receiving all fees; Hard copy will be sent to Receiver by bank-to- bank-bonded courier.



1. Buyer submits Letter Of Intent (LOI) with full banking coordinates (there must be sufficient cash funds in this account), Enlarged 140% Colour copy of Passport , Client Information Sheet , Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable), Corporate Resolution (if applicable), Non-Solicitation Statement, and an Irrevocable Fee Protection Agreement .
2. After conducting due diligence, the Seller will countersign the LOI and return it to Buyer including details of the BG Issuing bank, and Seller’s Passport copy. This LOI automatically becomes a full commercial recourse contract. Both parties shall lodge the executed contract with their respective Banks and Buyer will be required to open /activate an account in the Contract Name with the minimum Account  Activation balance of GBP £20.000 with the Issuing Bank which  will enable the client acquire customer status Meanwhile, you may decide to withdraw the deposit and close this account at the end of this transaction or keep is for further transactions after the first transaction is successfully completed..
3. Within two (2) banking days, the Seller’s Bank shall send a PRE-ADVICE SWIFT MT-799 to the Buyer’s Bank. (EXHIBIT A )  The PRE-ADVICE shall be valid for  four (4) banking days only.
4. Within the same banking day, the Seller shall email a courtesy copy of the PRE-ADVICE SWIFT  MT-799 to the Buyer for confirmation. Within three (3) banking days after authentication of the PRE-ADVICE SWIFT MT-799,the Buyer’s Bank shall reply and send a  SWIFT MT-799 ICBPO ( EXHIBIT B ) to the Seller’s bank and a courtesy copy shall be sent  to the Seller’s email.
5. Within three (3) banking days, after authentication of the Buyer’s SWIFT MT-799 ICBPO, the Seller’s BG Issuing Bank shall send the Bank Guarantee via SWIFT MT-760 to the Buyer’s Bank  ( EXHIBIT C ) and a courtesy copy shall be sent to the Buyer’s email. The Buyer’s bank verifies and authenticate the BG sent via SWIFT MT-760.
6. Within three (3) banking days, after authentication of the BG sent via SWIFT MT-760, the Buyer shall send payment to the Seller via SWIFT MT-103 and concurrently pay Consultants commission fees of Two Percent of each tranche face value. Courtesy copies of the commission payments shall be sent to the respective consultants/beneficiaries and their paymasters.
7. Within seven (7) banking days after authentication of receipt of payment to the Seller, the Seller’s BG Issuing Bank shall send the hard copy of the BG to the Buyer’s Bank  via Bank Bonded Courier.
8. All subsequent tranches will be based on the same procedures until collateral or funds become exhausted.

email: spz.resources@gmail.com


We are direct providers of financial instrument and at this moment we only have Fresh Cut Bank Guarantee and Standby Letters of Credit (FC BG/SBLC) for offer.

We also help introduce clients to monetizing companies who can help monetize your BG and grant you a non refundable financing of between 90% to 100% of the value of the BG/SBLC, this is only for BUY OUT BG/SBLC as the Monetizers DO NOT monetize Lease BG/SBLC; but we only introduce clients to monetizing company if the client secures a BG/SBLC from my company using only either Procedure 1 or 3 below.  

Kindly note that We ONLY issue instrument with our procedures; before arriving at our procedures, we have gone through elaborate evaluations and consideration on the best procedures for protection of our asset cash back the instruments we issue and also protection of the buyer.  

We issue BG/SBLC at 36+2 for a BUY OUT and 6+2 for a LEASE and we have capability of issue BG/SBLC running into Billions but our policy is not to issue more than 1 Billion to new applicants.

The +2 is for broker(s)/agent(s) on Providers Side(1%) and Buyers Side(1%).

We have three basic procedures for issuing BG/SBLC, two of our procedures do not require advance payment and only one of our procedures require advance payment;

The first procedure requires fees to be paid in advance.
The second does Not require fees to be paid in advance, while The Third procedure also do not require advance payments but requires that the client issues an ICBPO / MT799 PAYMENT UNDERTAKING before we issue the BG/SBLC.

1. Procedure for Amounts between 1M to 50M.

This First procedure is ONLY for issuing FC BG/SBLC of amounts between 1M to 50M.

After the DOA is signed, the client pays fees of between 50,000 and 75,000 in advance depending on the value of the BG/SBLC.
As soon as this is paid then the BG/SBLC will be issued immediately, the issuing fees (36+2 or 6+2) is paid after the BG/SBLC is received.

2. Procedure for Amounts between 51M to 500M.

This procedure is ONLY for BG/SBLC of amounts between 51M and 500M; this procedure does not require fee to be paid in advance.
After the DOA is signed and the Applicants sends a six months bank account statement showing that they afford 1% out of the 35% or 6% fee, then we will issue the MT799.
After MT799 is received and confirmed, then the applicant pays the 1% before we issue the MT760.
The balance 35% or 5% is then paid after the MT760 is received.

3. ICBPO / MT799 PAYMENT UNDERTAKING Procedure for Amounts between 500M to 1B.

This procedure requires that an applying clients moves first by issues an ICBPO / MT799 PAYMENT UNDERTAKING for the 38% in case of a Buy Out or 8% in case of a Lease, of the Value of the BG/SBLC they are applying for.
As soon as this is received, then we will issue the BG/SBLC.

However, before the DOA is signed, the client would have to get a letter from their bank showing that their bank is ready to issue the ICBPO / MT799 PAYMENT UNDERTAKING on their behalf and that they have met all requirements for ICBPO to be issued on their behalf.
This is very Important to avoid any waste of our time and loss on our cash assets.

The DOA for the three procedures are attached in a WORD format; if you or your clients are okay with our procedure then you can fill out the respective DOA for the value of the BG/SBLC you seek and send back to us.

As soon as you fill out the DOA and meet with our respective requirements, we will immediately countersign and proceed issue with issuance of the BG/SBLC.

serious takers ONLY
contact spz.resources@gmail.com