monetize non rated bank

Procedure -
1. Contract signed
2. issuer bank send RWA/Pre Advice via Bank Email
3. Issuer bank send Response and Bank Endorsed Corporate Payment Undertaking letter to issuer Bank via Bank Email
4. issuer bank send MT760 2M SBLC
5. Funder pay out in 7 banking days upon the receipt of MT760
6. Funder return MT760 15 days upon maturity



Investment Program for Small Investors

Proven Investment Program for Small Investors - Individuals or Corporations. No Project required.

Minimum Investment Funds required is USD 100,000.00 will secure Trading a module for 40 Weeks with the option to extend for up to 5 Years.

Investors can enter with multiple positions by investing multiple of 100k. Investment Funds are guaranteed by Principal.

Indicative Gross Trade Earnings range between 50%  per Week. Trade Profits will be shared 30/70 between Principal and Investor. Profits paid quarterly. Commission 10% will be shared between participating Consultants.

Net Profits are compounded to maximize Quarterly Returns.

Program will close March 01, 2017 unless fully booked out
Trade Earnings and Commissions are paid quarterly.
Investor must provide:
* CIS Form + Copy Passport + Proof of Funds for USD 100,000.
All Documents in pdf format. All Pages must be signed in wet blue ink.



We Monetize Non rated bank Instrument SBLC

We Monetize Non rated bank Instrument SBLC for 12+2% NR L
Payment is 7 Bank days upon successful Verification/authentications of the SBLC

Procedure: We need RMA list to check if our bank is listed on the RMA
If RMA is not Linked Client will have to send RMA to established connectioned.
Once connection are established client issued MT799 and we respond with RWA MT799 and client issued MT760
NOTE: Our bank approved verbiage must be used.

If banks have RMA after contract client must RWA email to enable our bank respond and client issue MT760 direct.

email : spz.resources@gmail.com