Tiger King AEC. are suppliers and exporter Refined Sugar ICUMSA 45 Thailand origin, shall conforms to the following specifications and / or international standard specifications, fit for human consumption

Sugar origin in Thailand ICUMSA 45. With the experience and meticulous in every step of the production process quality as well. Production from sugar cane high quality Modern production techniques and international standards so sweet people are very satisfied and the needs of people around the world. The sugar products Group Thailand accepted. The trust of households and. Industry and Known both at home and abroad for products produced from sugars. Group sugar production within Thailand. This is a good alternative and the best value to consumers.

Details Sugar Icumsa 45 Thailand Origin.
Icumsa 45 is a highly refined sugar, and it is easily recognized by its distinctive sparkling white color and pure sucrose taste. it is suitable for human consumption and use in a wide range of food applications. it is perpetually in high demand as it is the safest form of sugar, due to the fact that the refining process by which it is created removes the bacteria and contaminants often present in raw sugars. icumsa 45 is the worlds leading consumer sugar.
Specification :
- Icumsa : 45 RBU
- Polarization : 99.80% Min.
- Ash content : 0.04% Max.
- Moisture : 0.04% Max.
- Solubility : 100% Free Flowing
- Radiation : Normal Certified
- Colour : Sparkling White
- Granulation : Fine 
- Packaging : PP bag 50 kgs. with inner liner.

Now Tiger King AEC. are looking for new genuine and reliable buyers (clients) who will be able to purchase our commodity and keen on expanding the business in overseas Though, we would like to associate with your company to maintain a long term business relationship by the best quality standard.

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